I Can’t Get Over What’s Going On With These Babies and Puppies



Babies and puppies go together just like peas and carrots! From snuggling to playing to sleeping, we’ve compiled the 17 sweetest photos for your viewing pleasure.

1. These adorable Frenchie pups absolutely love to snuggle their little baby friend…and it looks like this baby thinks that he’s got a pretty sweet deal!

2. These two definitely know how to make a classic black and white portrait ooze with CUTENESS!

3. While this young lady is being taught how to really work it in front of the camera by her little Golden Retriever puppy…

4. In the winter, there’s no better baby blanket than a pile of soft, warm puppies.

5. And during warmer months pit puppies will play with baby all day!

6. Puppies have been keeping our little ones company since the beginning of time! Check out this amazing vintage pic:

7. The relationship between puppy and baby is mutually beneficial, as demonstrated by these two happy sleeping partners.

8. …And these winter nappers, dreaming of Spring!

9. Sometimes, when awake, babies and puppies become adorable partners in crime.

10. Getting into trouble is utterly exhausting!

11. Puppies make excellent crawling coaches!

12. And babies are more entertaining to puppies than any lame old toy…

13. Is it any wonder why doggies are so protective of their tiniest humans?

14. It’s so profoundly beautiful to think of these two growing up together…

15. Cuz doggies will always have our little ones’ back!

16. Sometimes, there are just no words…

17. Perfect pals!

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Photo Source: Reddit & Imgur