10 Shoes From The 1950s That Will Make You Long For The Past


I don’t think anyone loves shoes as much as I do — except maybe my mother. Shoes serve as a means of fashion and self-expression. Overall, it just feels amazing to wear a favorite pair.

Throughout the years, style has changed drastically, and it has always interested me to see the timeline that fashion has created for us. Some of the most breathtaking pieces came out of the 1950s. Looking back, the ’50s seemed like a less complicated time, but that didn’t mean that the style wasn’t meaningful!

Betweens pumps, loafers, and sneakers, women had plenty of fun choices when it came to dressing their feet.

Although what we wear today may seem very far removed from the style of the 1950s, it’s always interesting to see similar pieces and pinpoint where our current fashion has stemmed from.

Take a look at these shoes below and transport yourself back in time — you might find yourself begging to stay!

Thumbnail sources: InstagramFlickr

1. Sky High Red Rockabilly Pumps 1/10

Somehow, these sexy red pumps just scream sophistication and rock-’n-roll, both at the same time.

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