911 Dispatcher Answers Phone Call, Then Realizes Voice On Other End Is Her Teenage Daughter


Layla Wray has heard it all as a 911 dispatcher — her job is definitely not for the faint of heart. Being a 911 dispatcher means that Layla has to answer all sorts of emergency calls, handling the situation as carefully as possible.

She’s the one who sends cops, firefighters, and ambulances to the right location, and she also keeps the caller calm as help gets to them.

However, when she recently answered an emergency call, she didn’t expect to hear who was on the line: her 14-year-old daughter Kassidee.

Layla started the call like any other, by calmly saying, “911. What is your emergency?” Immediately, Kassidee anxiously responded, “Mommy! Mommy! It’s Kassidee. The house is on fire!”

It took Layla a moment to process what she’d just heard, but she went straight into dispatch mode to get someone to the house. While someone else may have freaked out that their house was on fire, Layla was able to keep her cool and get help on their way.

Layla was impressed by how calm Kassidee was able to remain throughout the call — for a young teen, she stayed pretty composed.

Luckily, nobody was injured in the fire. Even the family’s dogs were able to get out safely. Unfortunately, the house was not as lucky — it was completely ruined in the fire.

If it weren’t for Layla’s ability to remain calm as a 911 dispatcher, who knows how the situation might have ended. Please SHARE this incredible story on Facebook!

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