Little Budha

Looking for something but not sure what? Tired of always winding up on the same mainstream sites? Interested in something other than what is on TV? Explore the lesser known stories around the world with Little Budha.

Why Little Budha?

Little Budha represents intelligence and communication. Budha always held a neutral stance at first…but was evaluative and discriminating in its observation.

We evaluate and communicate to you the lesser known stories from around the world which we feel should be front and center. We work diligently, scouring the internet and sifting through hours of media to find stories and videos that make our viewers happy. Whether it’s an interesting fact, funny anecdote, an inspiring tale or a touching performance, our goal is to reveal the gems of this world for you to enjoy.

To know you do not know is truly knowing.

Be open to all as one does not know what they should know.