Young Woman Has Been Dieting Since She Was 13, Then Finally Discovers Undiagnosed Allergies


Katrina Buening, a 30-year-old from Springfield, Missouri, always struggled with her weight. When she was 13, she went on her first diet, and she never really stopped dieting after that.

By the time she was in her late twenties, Katrina weighed over 230 pounds and was unhappy with her looks. Finally, Katrina learned that many of her weight issues were due to undiagnosed food allergies.

She explained to Daily Mail, “I have a lot of health issues that are directly related to food allergies. I was eating things that I didn’t realize were hurting my body and this kept me in a constant state of inflammation and when we are inflamed it causes us to gain weight. I did that for a few years and that led to a 100 pound weight gain.”

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“Before that I was always on a diet, even from a young age I was overweight and started my first diet at 13.”

“I believe that I always struggled with my weight because of food allergies but I didn’t start putting the pieces together until about two years ago and – once I figured it out – I saw massive results.”

Katrina’s weight and allergies led to a variety of health issues including hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and adult acne.


Katrina’s health issues also her caused her to suffer from anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Now Katrina weighs around 160 pounds and is much happier with her life. She no longer has depression and anxiety, and is living a much healthier life in general.

Katrina works out 25 minutes every day and eats clean, healthy foods.

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h/t Daily Mail