Deputies See Car Rush Into Their Parking Lot, Find A Pregnant Woman Going Into Labor Inside


I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: When a baby is coming, there’s not much anybody can do to stop it! Whether it’s in a McDonald’s bathroom or a gas station bathroom, when a woman is about to become a mom, there is little time to spare before that baby girl or boy decides to pop out.

Or, in this case, the parking lot of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

This past Sunday, January 8, marked the birth of John William Perry, who, in the future, can say he was born in the parking lot of a sheriff’s department, with the help of two deputies and one 911 operator.

Perry’s parents ended up in the parking lot because they didn’t think they would make it to the hospital, and his mom was already in labor.

The original plan was to call for an ambulance after they pulled into the parking lot, but then deputies Chris Privette and Sam Caouette saw them and rushed over to lend a hand. Even though officers are trained to handle all situations, this one was a doozy.

But they had backup. The deputies dialed 911 and, upon explaining the situation, were walked through the delivery by Madeline Knight, a 911 telecommunicator.

“Our telecommunicators are trained in emergency medical dispatch,” sheriff’s office spokesman Art Forgey tells Inside Edition in the video below.

Minutes later, the team delivered John, the mom’s fourth child. An ambulance arrived shortly afterward, and both mom and son are doing well.

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