Bride Sends Dress To Seamstress For A Few Fixes, Then It Comes Back Ruined


Yhisell Poyata was distraught. It was just two weeks before her wedding, and a seamstress had butchered her dress during three attempts to fix it.

“She said the dress was beautiful, not to worry,” Yhisell said. “There’s nothing else they can do, and that the reason I got that dress on sale was because there must have been a defect on the dress. I said nobody ever told me that when they sold me the dress.”

Yhisell believes her dress fits worse than when she initially purchased it.

“I didn’t want them to touch the dress at all,” the bride said. “She refused to see most of my pictures or videos. It only got worse every visit. I was never angry. I’m just sad, and I’m really upset that I let them get to me, because I never thought I’d be like this about a dress.”

Yhisell took the dress to a new seamstress, who said the mistakes would cost even more money to correct. She couldn’t afford it, so she went to the original seamstress to get a refund. However, she didn’t bring the dress with her, fearing they would ruin it more. The seamstress refused.

“I told her, ‘Please bring the dress back,’” said Terri, the store manager. “She said, ‘I’m not bringing the dress back.’ I said, ‘We need to see what the error is and we need to fix it for you.’”

Terri agreed that the dress was incorrectly sewn at the sides. After the segment, the shop’s owner agreed to fully refund the bride if she simply returned the dress.

It always seems like something goes wrong at a wedding. Were there any flubs at your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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