Teacher Brings Cupcakes In For Students, Then Gives Her Son The Only Different One


When Greta Hansen found out she was pregnant in 2012, she wanted to include her son and students in the gender reveal.

So, what better way than with cupcakes? Every elementary student jumps for joy when cupcakes are mentioned. Add a surprise along with it? You’ll have your class’s full attention!

This adorable video is proof of that. When the camera starts recording, Greta explains what’s going on.

She brought in enough cupcakes for the entire class, but one of them was different than the rest. One of them had a color inside, and it was made especially for her son to bite into and reveal the gender of his new sibling growing inside his mommy’s tummy!

Caden, her son, looks giddy and nervous as she gets the cupcake unwrapped for him.

As his classmates gather around in suspense, he takes one huge bite! And the color is revealed.

As everyone cheers and smiles around him, his face freezes. The camera stays on him and his mom while the rest of the class rushes to eat their cupcakes.

He looks happy, but if you watch until the end you’ll see some tears streaming down his face. I think this is an overwhelming moment for him, but definitely an exciting one. So it’s all happy tears, right?

What color do you think is inside the cupcake? Watch below to find out!

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