Rescuers Bulldoze Home To Get 1,000-Pound Woman Out. 15 Years Later, She’s Transformed


In 2002, Catrina Raiford had the worst day of her life. The now 40-year-old weighed 1,000 pounds, was bedridden, and started having difficulties breathing.

She needed immediate medical help, but she was unable to get out of the house on her own. A side wall of her home had to be demolished to safely remove Catrina, who was then taken to the hospital on the back of a flatbed truck.

Catrina told Daily Mail, “Being bulldozed out of my house was the worst thing that ever happened to me. But it was also the thing that saved me. Now I’m a new woman.”

After the humiliation she faced during her trip to the hospital, Catrina vowed to make a change. With specialists’ help, Catrina overhauled her diet and added very light exercise to her daily routine.

She lost almost 300 pounds naturally in three years, then in 2005 she had gastric bypass surgery. Since then, Catrina has continued to lose weight. Now she weighs around 400 pounds, and is excited to lose almost 150 more when she is approved for skin removal surgery.

In December 2016, Catrina went to the gym and worked out for an hour. She took a video of herself while at the gym to serve as inspiration for others.

Catrina’s life has changed significantly, but one of the biggest changes is her willingness to date. While she used to only talk to men online, now she is looking to meet “the one.” She’s been on a few dates and even surprised herself at how much fun she had. Catrina’s journey is truly an inspiration for everyone.

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