Prom Date Stands Her Up Because She’s ‘Too Fat,’ So She Totally Transforms


Christina did not have it easy. During high school she weighed over 200 pounds, making her a target of bullies and even her friends. She would do her friends’ homework, buy their food, and try to bribe them into not abandoning her.

When a boy asked her to prom, she was elated. Christina and her mom bought a stunning dress, but when the night came, she waited and waited.

The next day the boy told her, “I’m not going to dance with you, you’re too fat.”

This was just one of many incidents that became the catalyst for change in Christina’s life. After high school she met her husband, who loved her unconditionally. Christina gained more weight. During a trip to an amusement park she couldn’t fit on any of the rides. While flying back home, a passenger threw a fit because they did not want to sit next to her.

Christina tried to lose weight but her attempts continued to fail. Then she gave it, literally, her 101st try. She cut out all the junk food and started walking because it was the only physical activity she could handle.

She did not diet, she doesn’t count calories, she just eats fruits, veggies, complex carbohydrates, and lean meats. Christina lost 113 pounds, not overnight, but with a steady commitment to her health.

Now she is a master nutritionist who has devoted her life to helping others who feel lost and trapped due to their health struggles.

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