School Squashes Rumor That Girl Is Pregnant, But Mom Notices Her Belly And Makes Her Take A Test


Kids in school can be quite cruel. They spread rumors and gossip without knowing that they are hurting the subject of those rumors.

Janet Roberts’ 11-year-old daughter was the victim of such behavior. Her peers in school claimed she was pregnant. The school tried to squash this rumor but felt compelled to call Janet in to let her know what was going on.

The mom didn’t believe it for a second, but she couldn’t help but notice her daughter’s swelling belly. It continued to grow until she looked about five months pregnant. So the mom made her take pregnancy tests every two weeks — which all turned out to be negative.

That’s when Janet realized there was something very wrong. She took her to the doctor, who confirmed that she wasn’t pregnant but also revealed a shocking diagnosis: There was a 20-pound tumor in her abdomen.

Doctors rushed her to the emergency room, where they had to drain the tumor multiple times before they could remove it.

Eventually, the tumor was cut out, and it was determined to be completely benign. However, there were concerns that the tumor would come back. Hopefully, the girl is now healthy and thriving!

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