22-Year-Old Woman Dies After Doctors Misdiagnose Her Cancer As Pregnancy


Demi Wright was only 22 when she passed away in February 2016 of a rare and aggressive form of cancer called adenocarcinoma, which had spread all over her body.

And as if that isn’t tragic enough, there’s a possibility that her cancer wasn’t diagnosed, or even looked for, for months due to a misunderstanding that allegedly led doctors to believe she was pregnant, not suffering from cancer.

It started in November 2015 when Demi complained of a pain in the side of her abdomen. When it didn’t subside, she went to the doctor.

A test found elevated hormones similar to those found in pregnant women, and so doctors, according to Wright’s friends and family, simply assumed she must be pregnant, and she was admitted to the maternity ward.

But the pain didn’t go away. And when doctors finally looked again, they found that there was no baby inside Demi, but rather a 12-centimeter tumor.

This is hardly the first time an ailment has been misdiagnosed. Young women are more likely to be misdiagnosed than anyone else, sometimes, as in Wright’s case, with tragic outcomes.

Now, Demi’s tragic story is reminding women everywhere of the power of second opinions.


Demi Wright was finally diagnosed with adenocarcinoma after months of misdiagnosis.

A pain in her side and elevated hormone levels led doctors, her family says, to believe that pregnancy was the cause of Wright’s pain.

“It was strange because she had been using the contraceptive pill and there were no other signs of her being pregnant,” her father, Chris Wright, said.

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