Desperate Mom Tries To Find Daughter’s Lost Teddy Bear, Then Sees Photo Of It On The Internet


When emergencies require you to evacuate an area immediately, all the materialistic objects around you don’t matter anymore. Almost everything can be replaced, and it’s most important to get ourselves to safety.

However, that doesn’t mean that after tragedies happen, we don’t miss the things we left behind. Especially for children, it’s hard to let go of sentimental objects — just look at this little girl’s reaction when she finds her favorite toy that went missing!

On January 10, 2017, we witnessed a story of heroes stepping in to make a little girl happy again, which was especially needed after tragedy struck.

After the airport shootings in Fort Lauderdale, FL, one little 10-year-old girl had to leave her toy behind. Although it was smart to leave when the family did, her mom couldn’t help but notice the heartbreak her daughter was going through.

So, in a desperate attempt to help, Mom decided to reach out to the sheriff’s office and see what they could do. They wanted to help the mother, who badly wanted to make her child happy after such a scary incident. The sheriff’s office retweeted a picture of the bear with a message, hoping the right people at the airport might be able to help.

Shortly after the picture was shared, they received a response — directly from the airport’s Twitter handle! They responded with: “We found #Rufus! We have your contact info from when you called our hotline. We’ll DM you.”

What a miracle! Soon, the little girl was reunited with her furry friend, and it was all thanks to the sheriff’s office, who took the time to hear out this mother and daughter in need.

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