She Swears To Never Get A Dog, But Boyfriend Won’t Marry Her Until She Changes Her Mind


It was devastating. When Cathryn Michon lost her first dog, Ellie, the grief was unbearable. She had never had a dog before, and seeing Ellie die was too much. She swore to her then-boyfriend, Bruce Cameron, that she would never have another dog.

Cameron, on the other hand, had kept a dog since he was 8 years old. Things were getting serious with Michon, and if he wanted to marry her, he knew he couldn’t live the rest of his life without a furry companion.

“Her dog Ellie passed away,” Cameron said. “It was the first dog she ever had, so she was completely unprepared for the way the grief overwhelms you.”

Cameron wanted to ease her pain, so he made up a story to help her cope. It was about reincarnation.

“I told her a story about a dog that reincarnates, and remembers each life and eventually comes to conclude there must be a reason, a purpose, it keeps being born,” he said. “Until it figures it out, it keeps being reincarnated.”

With this simple story, Michon was able to believe that Ellie was reborn. Cameron turned the story into a novel called A Dog’s Purpose, which would go onto become a New York Times best seller. Soon, it will be a movie by the same name co-written by Cameron and Michon.

But the real question is: did his story work on Michon? All too well.

The couple adopted a dog, Tucker, and saved him from being euthanized. Tucker was even the ring bearer at their wedding.

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