Man Finds Dog Cowering Under Car, Then Spots Enormous Red Tumor Sprouting From Her Back


The heroes at Animal Aid Unlimited are no strangers to rescuing animals in desperate need. Just as they saved this abandoned baby deer who was ripped from his mother, still wet with afterbirth, and this poor dog suffering from a massive abscess under his chin, the men and women from Animal Aid Unlimited have saved countless animals.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the rescue requires a little more work than expected.

In India, word came to the team of a street dog with an enormous, cancerous tumor, one that was both venereal and transmissible.

Without treatment, this poor pup would eventually die of the cancer.

When the team arrived at her location, they found her hiding underneath a car, unable to stop licking the open, painful tumor.

One of the members came closer, offering her a treat, but the dog, visibly frightened, quickly jumped and ran away.

What proceeded was an epic chase through the town. The team even lost sight of her for a second and thought she had lost them!

Eventually, they caught up to her and had to put her in a net so she wouldn’t escape. The poor dog just didn’t realize how serious her situation was.

Luckily, they took her back to their headquarters, operated on her, and for four months provided chemotherapy, love, and comfort. They were afraid that the cancer was so advanced they may not have gotten to her in time.

Today, Missy is a brand new dog. Just watch the video below to see her completely renewed!

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Warning: The following video contains imagery that some viewers may find graphic.

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