Young Man Starts Tearing Open Huge Cardboard Box, Has No Clue Brother Is Sealed Inside


Being separated from our loved ones is always a heavy burden to bear. Whether it’s because they are deployed abroad or a career calls to them from afar, having them so far away can be hard to deal with.

For Tom Doerr, this is a reality.

In 2016, Tom moved from the U.K. to the U.S., leaving his younger brother, Ollie, behind in the homeland. Ollie has Down syndrome.

Around the same time that Tom traveled abroad, Ollie moved out of their parents’ house in order to live independently. Still, he missed his older brother a lot and didn’t expect him to make it home for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, a friend of Ollie’s informed him that there was a package with his name on it outside their home.

He had not been expecting a delivery, so he went outside with some reluctancy, remarking that the box was “big!” In fact, the cardboard box was taller than him!

As seen in the video below, Ollie begins to open the giant box. As he gets closer to finishing, the box opens itself and a pair of arms come crashing through. Ollie soon finds his older brother Tom inside the box! Visibly stunned, Ollie embraces his big brother.

Overwhelmed, Ollie covers his mouth and bends over in shock, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“I think he’s a little speechless right now,” Tom says, laughing. Because of Tom’s unique surprise, the brothers were able to spend the holidays together.

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