10 Surprising Behind-The-Scenes Facts From The Classic Western ‘Bonanza’


The 1960s were a very exciting time for television and the folks who loved to gather around their sets with family members. Shows were just starting to be filmed in color, and as technology advanced, so did the story lines.

There were two competing westerns that aired at just about the same time: Bonanza and Gunsmoke. Gunsmoke holds the record for the longest running television Western in TV history. It also eventually led to the demise of Gilligan’s Island, with an impressive run from 1955 to 1975. However, Bonanza clocks in at a close second, running from 1959 to 1973 for an impressive 14 seasons.

You could debate which one is the best based on ratings and fan base, but for those who side with Michael Landon and Bonanza, these facts were especially researched for you.

I bet that even some of the biggest fans out there don’t know all these 10 things about this classic that aired for so many years. Do you have good memories of watching the characters with your family and friends back in the day?

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1. Ben Cartwright Was Voted TV's #2 Favorite Dad 1/10

In 2007, TV Guide listed Ben as one of their favorite TV dads of all time, although Lorne Greene was only 13 years older than the two actors playing his sons.

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