It Looks Like An Ordinary House — But When Realtors Walk In, They Discover A 1970s Time Capsule


There’s something nice about taking a peek into the past. It’s like stepping out of the world for a moment and looking into a time long gone. If you’re a fan of the fashions of old,  or just like taking a little mental vacation into the past, it can be a lot of fun.

However, do you think you can handle actually living in the past?

If you think you can, then there’s a 1970s dream home in Framingham, Massachusetts, for you.

We’ve seen some pretty impressive time-capsule houses before, like the one in California that’s a sleek and colorful Mid-Century Modern dream from the 1950s.

This one, though, has the darker, earthier feel of the ’70s, along with some unexpected pops of color for extra style.

It isn’t a recreation: The original owner did all the decor, according to realtor Matthew Cuddy, and has kept everything in tip-top shape since then.

It’s also big: 14 rooms and five bathrooms, a master suite with its own sitting room, a back deck and a pool. Talk about swanky!

And you know what’s the best thing about living in a time capsule house? You can still have all the conveniences of the 21st century while appreciating the style of the past. It’s a win-win!


From the outside, this large white house in Framingham, Massachusetts, looks pretty ordinary.

But inside, it’s a little time capsule of some seriously neat 1970s style.

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