15 Times Kids’ ‘Crimes’ Were Just Too Funny For Parents To Punish


One of the toughest things to do as a parent is to punish your child.

You want them to learn their lesson and grow up to be good little boys and girls, but that doesn’t make punishing them any easier. It’s not fun to watch your kids learn lessons the hard way, but it’s something that has to happen when they’re little, or else it will happen when they’re older and the consequences will be much worse.

Sometimes, though, you might decide to let things slide a bit. Maybe you are too tired to go through with a punishment in the moment, and concede to teaching a lesson at some other moment. Other times, your kid will do something bad that will make you laugh so hard you won’t be able to catch your breath in time to punish them!

These 15 true stories from Reddit users all made the parents laugh so hard that they plain forgot to dole out the sentences to their kids.

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[H/T: Reddit]

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“I was around maybe 5 or 6 years old, and we had a fish tank downstairs in my living room. I always loved animals so I was enticed by them. One morning I woke up before my parents, and I snuck downstairs to look at the fish tank. The thing was, I had grabbed a fishing pole and had decided I was going to try and catch the fish.

“My parents found it hard to contain themselves when they found me, red faced holding a full size fishing pole into the fish tank.”  – Odatria

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