Ancient Times: 10 Gross And Unpleasant Things Folks Actually Used To Do


The ancients were incredibly innovative people, literally building civilization from the ground up. They invented tools, they made beautiful art, and they built the Colosseum, for Heaven’s sake.

There is no doubt that the people in Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt were doing a ton of things right. However, there were some things that they had yet to figure out.

Many of these had to do with hygiene, general cleanliness, and medicine. There were some truly gross things that these folks did in their everyday lives that every person today would consider absolutely unimaginable.

For one, excrement from many different kinds of animals was used for many different purposes. It doesn’t end there, though…

Did you ever learn about these not-so-pleasant habits from ancient times in school? I know that I sure didn’t! All I ever heard of were the pyramids, brilliant astronomers, and gladiators. It really does give you some perspective, doesn’t it?

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Thumbnail source: Wikimedia Commons 1, 2

1. Ancient Greeks Used Stones To Wipe 1/10

Yes, that kind of wipe. Sometimes shards from pottery were used to clean up as well. Both of these methods are pretty good explanations as to why hemorrhoids were a big problem of the time.

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