Daughter Goes To ER For An Ear Infection. 4 Days Later, She Dies From A Stroke


It’s every mother’s nightmare. Debra Wyant lost her daughter, Shayna Sturtevant, last September. One day, Shayna had an ear infection. Debra took her to the hospital, and four days later, her daughter was dead from a stroke.

Debra knew that Shayna was an organ donor. Through Gift of Life, Shayna made a groundbreaking donation, giving her liver, kidneys, pancreas and lungs before becoming the first person in Michigan to donate her hands.

Shayna’s hands were given to Loella Aker, a grandmother from Indiana who has now regained her ability to touch. Debra is grateful for her daughter’s final act of kindness, giving strangers the precious gift of life.

“I think God took her out of mercy to help these other people,” Debra told Fox 17.

While organ recipients usually aren’t identified to one another, Debra happened to read an article in the Courier Journal where Loella was identified.

“Honestly, it was almost like Shayna picked her,” she said.

Loella lost her hands after getting a blood infection while helping to clean up the debris left over from a tornado devastation. Debra doesn’t believe there is someone more deserving and has written Loella a letter in hopes of meeting her someday.

See more of this mother and daughter’s life-saving sacrifice in the video below.

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