Police Find Sad Golden Lost On The Beach, Then They Notice His Massive Lump


Last May, officers from the Newport Beach Police Department in California were shocked to discover a golden retriever wandering in the sand all alone.

Even more shocking was the massive tumor on the dog’s side, which weighed down his whole body and made walking extremely difficult.

The dog, whom rescuers named Henry, was taken to the Newport Beach Animal Hospital, where he underwent surgery to have the tumor removed.

In total, the tumor weighed a staggering 46 pounds, nearly doubling his body weight. Henry made a full recovery, and thanks to an outpouring of donations from the public, his medical bills were covered.

But there were still some questions. Whose dog had he been? Other than the tumor, he appeared to have been cared for, so it seemed likely that the poor dog had been abandoned. But by who?

Now, it seems that Henry’s former owner has finally been identified. Read on below to learn about Henry’s incredible rescue.

Note: Some readers might find the following images troubling.

[H/T: Daily Mail, KTLA]


When officers found Henry the golden retriever wandering alone near an animal hospital, they were speechless.

On the dog’s side was the biggest tumor they’d ever seen, weighing some 46 pounds and nearly doubling Henry’s body weight.

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