Woman Never Smiles Because So Many Of Her Teeth Are Missing. Years Later, She Looks So Different


Kimberly Rodriguez went through a lot to get to where she is today. The woman from Jersey City, New Jersey, had a hard time smiling at her reflection — or smiling at all, really.

“You know, people say, ‘Oh, smile!’ and I honestly don’t. I don’t know how to smile,” she explains in a video posted on December 20, 2009, in reference to her teeth. “I’ve been this way as far back as I can remember, since I was about 8 years old.”

Kimberly’s teeth were crooked and spaced out within her mouth, with some even missing. Because of this, she was known as the “Woman Who Never Smiles.”

“I have an overbite that was not corrected,” she said. “I also have temporary caps that need to be replaced. And I have no back teeth here and on the upper side.”

Kimberly poked through her mouth to boldly display all of her insecurities on camera for millions to see. She didn’t want to live her life like this any longer and sought help in her journey to find her smile.

Kimberly visited Dr. Bill Dorfman, a celebrated master of aesthetic dentistry. In his office, she declared, “This is really what’s important to me and it’s not a vanity thing, it’s a necessity.”

Dr. Dorfman said with a smile, “I’m really excited today. I mean, I’m kind of like bursting out of my skin because I know what her teeth are going to look like!”

With that, Dr. Dorfman began to work his magic on Kimberly’s teeth.

In the end, Kimberly was no longer the Woman Who Never Smiles. In fact, she couldn’t stop smiling during her big reveal in front of her friends and family, not even for a second.

“My smile could light up the world,” an appreciative Kimberly said, overjoyed with her new chance at life. And that’s exactly how it should be.

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