Tattooed Lumberjack Chops Down Tree, But Does A Double Take When He Sees Blue On The Inside


When parents learn they are expecting a child, one can only imagine the thoughts that are running through their heads. They’re excited and afraid at the same time. Next, they wonder if they’re having a boy or a girl!

Of course, finding out the gender of their child only happens a couple of weeks after conception. But when they do discover the gender, many find creative and unique ways to reveal it to their family and friends.

Check out this clip of a very interesting gender-reveal video. The dad- and mom-to-be, Trevor and Tayler Hager, appear in front of a camera, in the woods. The man says that there are some answers in life that can be answered by nature.

One of those questions? If his baby will be a “lumberjack” or a “lumberjane.”

Then, the man whips out a chainsaw and proceeds to chop down a tree. He saws until the tree falls.

But it’s the inside of the tree that interests him. Strangely enough, it’s light blue — certainly not a color that can be found naturally inside a tree.

It’s clear to the parents: They’re expecting a boy!

Do you like this gender reveal? How do you think Trevor and Tayler got the blue paint inside the tree? Let us know in the comments!

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