Abused Circus Lion Was Starved To Stay ‘Cute’ For Photos. Today, He Looks So Different


For many people, the circus is a place chock-full of childhood memories. From live animals, to magic, to acrobatics, and everything in between, the circus has brought joy to many lives.

Unfortunately, some circuses involve themselves in illegal and unethical practices. Little Magnus the lion’s case is a prime example of this.

According to the publisher of the video below, posted on November 22, 2016, Magnus was only a few days old when he “was separated from his mother and turned into a tourist attraction by a Spanish circus.” Normally lions grow fast, but Magnus was never exposed to a proper diet. 

Instead of being provided proteins, Magnus was fed a mixture of yogurt and bread. The circus owner wanted to keep the poor lion small and “cute for the pictures.”

Magnus grew unhealthy and the circus owner took him to a vet to be euthanized. Luckily, a group of people didn’t want to see the helpless lion die because of someone else’s carelessness and cruelty.

Magnus’ malnourishment did more than just keep him from growing. His esophagus eventually narrowed, making it virtually impossible for him to eat normal food after he was rescued and brought to rehabilitation.

Ultimately, he needed to have surgery on his insides. His medical team slaved over the small lion in the operating room to repair the damage the circus had caused.

Shortly after the surgery, Magnus got his zest for life back. He transformed from the inside out due to the care he received. Now, the once frail cat has a second chance at life as a vivacious, growing lion!

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