Man Find Bears Cubs Beside Dead Mother – What He Did Next Will Shock You



Casey came across two little baby bear cubs, crying beside the lifeless body of their mother. He was a naturalist, so he decided to see if he could help.

The baby bears were sick, and only one of the brother’s survived. Casey couldn’t leave the little bear to die alone, so he decided to adopt him.

Casey named the bear Brutus…

…and nurtured and played with his new bear-kid.

Brutus got to spend time in the outdoors on a regular basis since that was his natural habitat!

Casey and sweet Brutus became close friends – you might even call them brothers.

Brutus enjoyed the finer things in life…

While Casey gained an incredible best friend!

Believe it or not, Brutus was even the best man in Casey’s wedding! That’s one brave bride!

Of course, Brutus has his own place at the annual Thanksgiving table.

Is there anything more awesome than being best friends with a bear?

Casey and Brutus are still buddies…

Their friendship is beyond belief!

Have you ever felt like an animal was YOUR best friend?? Tell us about it in the COMMENTS!

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Story Source: Casey Anderson