Nanny Cam Is Recording In The Corner, Then 1-Year-Old Starts To Turn Blue


Jennifer Hull is a stay-at-home mom in Texas. Her daughters, 1-year-old Hollis and 3-year-old Hatilynn, were recently playing with their dollhouse and eating veggie chips.

All of a sudden, Hollis began to gasp for air and turn blue. The little girl ran around frantically and started to choke. Hatilynn went to go get water while Jennifer jumped into high gear.

The mom flipped Hollis over and began to do back blows. But nothing was coming out. She then resorted to doing the traditional Heimlich maneuver, which she had learned in child-safety classes. Fortunately, Hollis was saved by her mama, and it was all caught on the nanny cam.

“I immediately jumped into mommy mode when it happened,” Jennifer told ABC News. “It was very scary… It’s even scarier when we think of what the outcome could have been.”

The family was so spooked, Jennifer says that her husband cried the entire night while watching the video of his daughter.

“At first I was reluctant to share the actual footage of her choking because it’s so personal,” Jennifer said.

However, Jennifer wanted to share the video to encourage parents to take child-safety courses and to know the right lifesaving techniques.

“I just wished I could have noticed her when she first started to have trouble breathing,” she said. “I wish I could have gotten to her sooner.”

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