85-Year-Old Man Walks With A Cane, Still Rushes Into Flames To Help Women Trapped In Burning Car


Heroism knows no age. True heroes come in all colors, forms, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Lindell Marbut of Burleson, Texas, is a hero.

Marbut was born on April 15, 1931. The nearly-86-year-old man lives in a house with his caretaker, Sondra Young, and can hardly walk without the use of his cane, which he calls his “walking stick.”

Recently, Marbut found himself in an unbelievable situation: a car speeding along the highway suddenly spun out of control and flipped over onto his front yard.

Within moments, the car burst into flames, trapping the two women inside.

Young, his caretaker, ran next door to call 911, but instead of waiting for help to arrive, the old man ambled over to the wreckage, ignoring the flames!

“I got my walking stick, and pulled it out and seen this woman’s hand sticking out and I got her and pulled her out,” he said.

“Amazing, 85 years old and he drug her into the garage. I couldn’t believe it. He can barely walk as it is. He has to use a cane to walk,” said Young.

The two of them then helped pull the other woman out and got her safely into the garage.

Even the firefighters, who arrived shortly afterward to take control of the situation, were shocked.

“If it wasn’t for the gentleman to pull them out, it wouldn’t have been a good turnout,” said Keith Flemming with the Johnson County Fire Department.

Though the two women suffered serious injuries, they’re expected to make full recoveries. When asked if he felt like a hero, Marbut simply replied, “I just feel like an old man trying to save somebody’s life. I’d do it again if I had to.”

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