7-Year-Old Creates Famous Homemade Pizza Recipe With His Amazing Dad


Just about everyone in America loves a good slice of pizza. Whether you get it from a restaurant or you thaw out a frozen pizza in your own kitchen, there’s just something so exciting and tasty about having a pizza with your friends and family!

One of the funnest things about a good slice of pizza is the fact you can get whatever toppings you want. Some people like cheese, some like meatballs, some like pepperoni, and some people (for whatever reason) like pineapple! No matter what your pizza flavor of choice may be, it’s a fact that just about anything is “allowed” on a slice of pizza as long as you like eating it!

While eating a restaurant or frozen pizza is always a treat, just like everything when it comes to cooking; there is nothing that can beat the taste of making it in the kitchen all from scratch by your own hands! And to help us make a surprisingly easy pizza recipe we have Chef Paul and his adorable 7-year-old son Frank making one of their absolute favorite meals. Take a look at the video and try this recipe out in your own home!

Add your own flavors and let us know how much your family and friends loved it.

Thumbnail Credit: Facebook / Cuisine et mets

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