Pregnant Mom Can’t See Out Of One Eye, Then Doctors Reveal ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Behind It


No matter how much we know about the human body, it always hide secrets from us, some of which are discovered too late. Such secrets are illnesses, diseases, or cancers that don’t cause any symptoms on the surface.

One mother, Julie, knows just how terrifying this can be.

Her sight slowly diminished in her left eye until she was left blind. Doctors checked it out and gave her the diagnosis: it was an aneurysm, a “ticking time bomb” that could kill her instantly, at any point in time.

Julie knew about the risks of the operation, which would only be done through a small puncture in her groin. What made it worse was that she had just found out that she was pregnant with her second baby, and she was worried about her child.

If she went ahead with the operation, both of them could die. Her baby could even be born prematurely and would certainly not survive.

It was a difficult decision, but Julie had no choice and went through with the operation. It seemed like only a miracle could save both of them.

Now, four months later, her baby is thriving and healthy. Julie is no longer blind in her left eye, and is safe from the threat hiding in her brain.

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