Nanny Thinks She Sees Dad Hit Son With A Belt, So She Calls Child Services


The Spivey family from Georgia appeared on super nanny Jo Frost’s new television series, Nanny on Tour, because they were having issues disciplining their children.

The kids only listened to their father, Chris Spivey, and seemed to ignore their mother’s wishes. While Jo and her camera crew were filming in 2016, they recorded something that she felt was disturbing.

They saw Chris yell at his son Marcus for taking his phone charger. Then they saw Chris take off his belt and escort the son into a room. The cameras don’t follow him, but you can hear Marcus crying.

Jo alleges she had witnessed abuse.

“I do not believe in corporal punishment,” Jo said. “If you’re going to use pain as a practice to instill better behavior, then you’re going to raise your children to fear you. It creates emotional and mental health problems. My job is to teach positive parenting and techniques that bring peace and harmony and confidence and connection.”

Jo reported the incident to child services, who found no wrongdoing and pressed no charges. The Spiveys admitted that they use corporal punishment, but only in extreme circumstances.

While some viewers felt corporal punishment was extreme, others felt it was within the parents’ rights. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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