Mom Tells Son She’s Pregnant And He Starts Listing Reasons It Doesn’t Make Sense


When you tell your children that you’re pregnant, you hope for excitement. You’re obviously excited as a parent to be building your family, but sometimes children might not be in the same mindset.

Reactions are exactly why many people now record such announcements to their kids about pregnancy, because they never know what kind of reaction they’ll get!

Regardless of whether the child is happy or sad, or somewhere in between, it’s almost always amusing and adorable.

This video is no exception. This mother turns around in the car and starts to record her son and tiny daughter, as she explains another baby is on the way.

While her daughter clearly has no idea what’s going on, her son is not having it.

He immediately acts completely stressed out and asks, “What are you thinking?” He feels he is being replaced, and Mom does not need another baby after having two!

The conversation continues and Mom stays pretty quiet, but this little boy can entertain us all on his own! His questions and concerns seem very valid to him, but Mom makes sure to let him know that this new baby won’t replace anyone, and it’ll all be fine.

Do you think his mind will change when the baby arrives?

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