Woman Glares At Boyfriend When He Refuses To Lower Radio, But Has No Clue He’s Proposing To Her


It’s incredibly hard to be original with marriage proposals these days. We keep seeing more and more awesome proposal ideas, like this one where this man proposed to his girlfriend with the help of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Of course, every once in awhile, some of these unique proposals go awry, and Jorge Calado is a witness to that.

Jorge, 29, of Northamptonshire, England, came up with an incredibly original proposal idea.

The scenario is simple: he created a rap song telling the story of his relationship with his girlfriend, Samantha Ward, 33, and played it before presenting her with an engagement ring.

Unfortunately, Samantha, not knowing what was going on, nearly thwarted Jorge’s attempts at being romantic and original.

The video begins with the couple in their car, along with their baby son, Jenson, in the back seat.

Jorge, a race car driver, wrote the song himself and recorded it to play on his car radio.

“I wanted to surprise her with the most unexpected thing ever,” Jorge told InsideEdition.com. “It worked a bit too well.”

Once Jorge turns the radio volume up and begins to rap, though, Samantha wants nothing of it. She repeatedly attempts to turn off the radio, even cursing at him for waking up Jenson!

Fortunately, Jorge is undeterred, and eventually, the song reaches the chorus, and as he raps along, Samantha begins to recognize details of their relationship in the song.

“Even though I can’t get down on my knee, Samantha Irene Ward, will you marry me?” he raps, holding out the ring.

Tearfully, Samantha accepts the ring, and after pulling over, they embrace.

A proposal while driving was important, as Jorge explained, “It just seems to be the only place we clash, so I wanted to turn that that into a place where we can remember fond memories.”

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Warning! The video below has some censored graphic language.

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