They Were About To Kill This Pregnant Pitbull. What Happened Next Is Simply Beautiful.



Meet Mary. Her rescuers found her in a high-kill shelter, which was absolutely unbelievable because she was VERY pregnant.

Thanks to over $1,000 of donations, rescuers were able to save Mary just in the nick of time.

She was so timid at first…she wasn’t sure where she was going, and after all she went through, she couldn’t be sure that she could trust humans again! You can tell from her bones protruding that this very pregnant lady hadn’t been fed enough to support her growing womb.

So OF COURSE her loving pet parents fed her…and fed her…

…and fed her some more. They hoped she’d gain weight before delivering her puppies…

But just TWO DAYS after being rescued she went into labor. She delivered her first perfect puppy with no issues whatsoever.

In spite of her malnourishment, Mary handled 16 hours of labor and delivery with no problems.

Producing not one…not two…not three…

But a dozen happy, healthy little puppies!!!

The wee puppies were able to latch on to Mary’s breasts and nurse, thank goodness.

The puppies were really good at nursing. Nursing and sleeping!

This puppy, named Bonzai, really liked to sleep on his back…

…and Belle, who could’ve been Bonzai’s twin, like to curl up next to her mama’s cheek.

As you can see, Mary was pretty proud of her puppies!

She took amazing care of them, and the thrived and soon were walking and playing throughout the rescuer’s house.

Thanks to loving pet parents saving just ONE LIFE from a high-kill shelter, 12 perfect puppies got a chance at happiness!

Don’t all of these beautiful animals deserve a chance? To help an animal in need, please contact your local ASPCA or Humane Society. There are thousands of cases like Mary’s that go unnoticed every single day.


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