15 People Reveal Their Significant Other’s Quirks That Drive Them Nuts


No one in the history of relationships has ever said that it was all roses. If they did, they’d be lying.

It takes work, patience, and practice to be in a relationship. What makes it all worth it is the love you share with that one special person.

The sacrifices you make and the things you put up with are nothing in comparison. Well, on most days.

There are times when you just can’t stand the love of your life. They drive you up the wall, yet somehow you still find the strength to put up with it.

These 15 Reddit users revealed the quirks within their relationships that make them absolutely crazy. Yet, they know that at the end of the day, it’s just a tiny thing to deal with (and there are always some breathing exercises and meditation practices to take up if steam starts to come out of the ears).

Does your significant other ever do anything like these below? Let us know what drives you up a wall about your partner that you’ve somehow come to terms with. And please SHARE with friends and family!

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“When I yawn, he puts his finger in my mouth. Even when I have my hand or elbow or whatever there. He finds a way.” – ant-on-computer

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