You Won’t Believe What Someone Did To This Dog! A must see for every pet parent.



A good samaritan made a devastating discovery one day while walking by the local dump. Look VERY closely…can you see the poor fur baby??

Hope for Paws animal rescue was called to tend to the abandoned dog, covered in festering sores, barely clinging to life in a trash heap.

The dog was very gentle when the rescuer approached her with food, proving to trained experts that she’d been abandoned by a family, and was socialized and knew how to live with humans. This made her neglect all the more troubling – she was a good doggy! Look at how she gingerly accepted a piece of food…

This little sweety even accepted some pets, though her fur was covered in painful sores. When rescuers brought her into the light of a vet’s office and the local rescue, it became clear that help came just in time for this poor pup.

What happened next is simply amazing. Please watch the inspiring story of the dog rescuers named MILEY below!

Miley not only survived her severe neglect, she also helped to nurture a sweet little Chi who was subsequently rescued from a drain pipe! Watch this beautiful video to show the full DOUBLE rescue story – but be sure to keep tissues nearby.

(Please note that Miley and Frankie are both in the process of being adopted, and due to overwhelming interest both sites are not accepting any further applications!)

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